Author Biographies

Amity P. Buxton

Amity Pierce Buxton, PhD, is author of The Other Side of the Closet: The Coming-Out Crisis for Straight Spouses and Families, co-author of Unseen-Unheard: Straight Spouses from Trauma to Transformation, and numerous journal articles and book chapters on children’s learning development and the coming-out-in-marriage experience. She is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC). Amity serves on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Bisexuality and the Journal of GLBT Family Studies, the Boards of the Straight Spouse Network and the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry, and the Emeritus Board of the Family Equality Council. She recently received the Evelyn Hooker Award for Distinguished Contribution by an Ally from APA’s Association for the Psychological Study of LGBT Issues.

Amity has a BA degree from Marymount College and Master’s and Doctorate degrees in English/Communication from Columbia University. In 1991, she founded the Straight Spouse Network (SSN). SSN is a worldwide organization that provides support and research-based information to help straight spouses of LGBT partners, and mixed-orientation or trans/non-trans couples, to cope constructively with a spouse’s coming out in marriage. In addition to research and publishing articles on mixed-orientation or trans/non-trans couples and their families, Amity also provides informal counselling to individual spouses and couples, facilitates a face-to-face straight spouse support group, and gives lectures and workshops in the US and abroad on the unique issues of straight spouses. She currently resides in Oakland, California.

Ed Fernandes

Dr Edward M. Fernandes is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Barton College, Wilson, in North Carolina, US. He has an interdisciplinary doctoral degree in Psychology (specializing in Social Psychology and Sexology) from the Union Institute and University, a master’s degree in Educational Psychology, a BA (Hons.) in Psychology from Brock University, Canada, and a Diploma in Sex Therapy.

As Dr Fernandes, and also his pseudonym ‘Dr Ziggy’, he has published a number of articles and research papers on consensual non-monogamies (12 specifically on swinging) at sexology conferences such as SSSS (Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality), the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues and AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists). He is also recognized as one of the leading researchers in the field of alternative lifestyles and has appeared in several television and radio shows in Canada, including hosting a Cablevision phone-in show in Canada on Sexuality and Sexual Relationships. His work has been featured on several high-profile magazines and talk shows, and he has been an invited as a lecturer at a number of international universities.

Dr Fernandes is currently working on three studies on sexual attitudes and personality profiles of individuals involved in consensual non-monogamy and extra-dyadic sexual activities.

Yael Demedetskaya

Yael A. Demedetskaya is a financial analyst, Doctor of Mathematical Sciences, transgender activist and actress living in Moscow. She went to school at the Russian Academy of Sciences and attended music school, where she studied piano. In 1999 she graduated from the Moscow State University with a degree in Mathematics and Engineering, and in 2002 she received a doctorate in Mathematics and an MSc in Economic Theory. Yael began her commercial career in 1992, undertaking the financial analysis of investment projects (a trans-continental optical communications center, an aquapark, a textile factory, and others). She later became head of various IT departments and head of financial analysis in international banks (Unicredit, TRUST, Swedbank).

In 1999, Yael joined the LGBT community, supporting and accompanying transgender individuals when they visited doctors or worked through their acquisition of change documents. Since 2004, Yael has organized support groups for transgender people, as well as creating a trans-activist online portal ( In 2007, Yael founded the non-profit organization Transgender Fund to provide information and psychological support to the transgender community and to fund other projects. In 2007–2008 she was also an acting pharmacist, prescribing rare drugs for transgender and HIV-positive patients in Moscow, subsequently shut down by the authorities in 2010. Also in 2007, Yael opened a shop called Transdostavka. It was unique at that time in Russia, with goods for cross-dressers (breast prostheses, waist T-shirts, etc.) and transsexuals (stand-to-pee devices, body correction accessories, etc.). This eventually grew into a large community centre for transgender people to hold meetings, support groups, master classes for cross-dressers and others. In 2011, the plastic surgery clinic RSAS (Reconstructive Surgery, Andrology and Sexology) opened to offer affordable healthcare for transgender people, and to bring together and mobilize doctors who had a genuine concern for supporting transgender people in order to allow them think through this area of their development in the political context of Russia. In 2015, Yael started the GDR project (Gender Dynamic Research), under which trans-motivated specialists in medicine, psychology, sociology, demography conduct research to supplement a best practice knowledge base in relation to gender and transgenderness. In 2016, Yael starred in the movie Anastasia, directed by Konstantin Bogomolov, based on the novel Feast by Vladimir Sorokin. Her other research interests are the promotion and development of research on life extension (

Nick Field

Nick qualified as a Psychosynthesis counsellor in 2015, having previously completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling at The Psychosynthesis Trust, London. He resides in London, where he also runs a private practice and provides training and education workshops around Leathersex and gender, sexual and relational diversity issues. He is also an honorary counsellor at the Albany Trust, one of the few specialist counselling and psychotherapy services based within South London that provides high-quality professional support focusing on gender, sexuality and relationship issues.

Nick completed a Master’s Degree in Gender, Sexuality and Culture at Birkbeck College (University of London) in 2011. His specialist areas are gender, sexuality and spirituality. Over many years, he has also acquired a focus on the LGBT communities, BDSM, Gay Leathersex, male (homo)sexuality linked to adolescent maturation into adulthood, intergenerational mentorship as the significance of the contribution of ‘elders’ in the community, alternative lifestyle relationships and how sexuality and spirituality are intertwined.

Di Hodgson

Dr Di Hodgson has been a psychotherapist, counsellor and clinical supervisor for over 25 years. She is Programme Leader on the Gestalt Psychotherapy MSc training course at the Metanoia Institute, London.

Di has been working in the field of equality and diversity for over 30 years. She was a member, and later Chair, of the UKCP’s diversity and equalities committee for several years. She works with organizations to embed diversity through their processes and procedures and to facilitate dialogue about diversity and difference. Her doctoral research was on the impact of diversity on complaints within the profession. Di is a regular facilitator of workshops nationally and internationally. She is passionate about, and committed to, facilitating space for the voices of women, especially those who are often invisible.

Sudhir Kakar

Dr Sudhir Kakar is a psychoanalyst, novelist and scholar in the fields of cultural psychology and the psychology of religion. He has been a lecturer at Harvard University, research fellow at Harvard Business School, senior fellow at the Centre for Study of World Religions at Harvard (2001-02), and also visiting professor at the Universities of Chicago (1989–1992), McGill, Melbourne, Hawaii and Vienna. He was also a fellow at the Institutes of Advanced Study in Princeton and Berlin and is currently a visiting fellow at the Centre for Advanced Study, University of Cologne.

Dr Kakar was in private psychoanalytic practice in New Delhi for 25 years before moving to his current place of residence in Goa, India. His many honours include the Kardiner Award from Columbia University, Boyer Prize for Psychological Anthropology from the American Anthropological Association, Germany’s Goethe Medal, Rockefeller Residency, McArthur Fellowship, and the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, the country’s highest civilian honour. Dr Kakar is the author of 18 books of non-fiction and 5 of fiction. His books have been translated into 22 languages around the world.

Previn Karian

Previn Karian is an independent multi-modality psychotherapist based in Southampton, UK, where he has been in private practice since 2002. He has a BA in English Literature from Cambridge University, a Diploma in Psychosynthesis from Avalon, Glastonbury, and an MA in Psychoanalysis from Middlesex University. He has been a participant of the IPN (Independent Practitioners Network) and a member of the National Counselling Society, and continues to be a member of the Squiggle Foundation, the UK Kant Society and the Hegel Society of Great Britain. He has been a member and Committee member of PCSR (Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility) and was Chair for their 2013 Psychotherapy and Power Conference on ‘LGBTQ Invisibility’. He presented a paper entitled ‘Conflict as Difference’ on Jung and Kierkegaard at the 2015 Annual Conference for The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, and was a regular contributor to the left-field client voice journal Ipnosis. His first volume study, On Jung’s Psychological Types, is due for publication with Routledge in 2018.

Jennie Kermode

Jennie Kermode is Chair of Trans Media Watch and primary author of How Transgender People Experience the Media (2010). She has also published her thesis ‘Transgender People and the Scottish Criminal Justice System: How Serving Police Officers Perceive and Understand Transgender People’ (2010) and has a forthcoming Jessica Kingsley publication entitled Transgender Employees in the Workplace: A Guide for Employers. Jennie has researched online transphobia for the Law Commission and has written on masculinities in the heritage film for the Directory of World Cinema: Britain Volume 2 (2015). She is based in Paisley, UK.

Rachel Anne Kieran, Psy.D

Dr Kieran is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Atlanta, GA, providing individual and couples counseling/psychotherapy, in addition to occasional assessment services. Her practice focuses on growth-/insight-oriented work, and work with depression, anxiety, diversity, stress management, identity and relationship related concerns. Dr Kieran has been providing therapy services for over a decade, and has been in private practice for eight years. Dr Kieran’s practice is open and accepting to all, and has a particular emphasis on the importance of multiple identities in the lives of patients. This includes knowledge and experience in areas of sexual, gender and relational diversity, including sexual and affectional identity/orientation, transgender issues, queer theory, BDSM and kink, polyamory and other non-monogamies.

Dr Kieran is also a part-time teaching faculty member at two local Universities and is a consultant to Universities on sexual, gender and relational diversity. She has presented at local and national Conferences on topics related to sexual, gender and relational diversity. She works to create new sex-positive, poly-friendly and kink-aware professionals.

Ian Lucas

Ian Lucas is a Senior Accredited Counsellor and Supervisor who works for a leading Employee Assistance Programme in Coventry, UK. He is the author of Impertinent Decorum, OutRage! – An Oral History and Growing Up Positive – Stories from a Generation of Young People Affected by AIDS. He blogs at View From A Fridge.

Eli Sheff

Dr Elisabeth ‘Eli’ Sheff (PhD, CSE, CASA, CEO and Director of Sheff Consulting Group) is the foremost academic expert on polyamory in the US, and the worldwide expert on polyamorous families with children. Dr Sheff’s first book, The Polyamorists Next Door: Inside Multiple-Partner Families and Relationships (2014), details her 15-year study of poly families with children and has just been reprinted in paperback. Her second book, Stories from the Polycule: Real Life in Polyamorous Families (2015), is an edited anthology of writings by poly people. An expert witness and Guardian Ad Litem with a background in academic sociology, Dr Sheff specializes in gender and sexual minority families, kink/BDSM and issues facing trans people. As the CEO and Director of Legal Services at the Sheff Consulting Group, Eli manages a think-tank of experts specializing in unconventional and underserved populations. You can find her blog on Psychology Today ( Dr Sheff resides in Atlanta, GA.

Keith Silvester

Keith Silvester is an Integrative Psychosynthesis practitioner, in private practice; he originally qualified in psychotherapy at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London, where he was on the teaching faculty. He graduated from the University of Cambridge, trained as a community worker at University College, Swansea, and received an MSc in Training from the University of Leicester. For many years he was an independent organizational consultant in the voluntary and arts sectors. He was Head of Counselling and Advisory Services at Central School of Speech and Drama in London, and then Director of Programmes for The Psychosynthesis & Education Trust in London (now The Psychosynthesis Trust), where he is still on the faculty as a training supervisor, group work leader and trainer. He has served on the national Complaints Committee of BACP, and is currently Chair of Training Standards of the Humanistic and Integrative College within the UKCP, as well as being an external examiner. He is a past Convenor of London Friend, a counselling and befriending agency, and has served on the National Friend committee; he has also been an active Associate of Pink Therapy since its inception. More recently he has qualified as a practitioner of the Alexander Technique.

Chris Shelley

Chris Shelley, PhD, is clinical director of The Adler Centre, a non-profit counselling clinic and training institute in Vancouver, Canada. He has co-edited the British Adlerian Yearbook since the mid-1990s and has published a number of contributions based on Adlerian psychology as well as gender studies. He lectures on the graduate programme in Counselling Psychology as well as at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at the University of British Columbia.

Emily Skye

Emily Skye (MA) qualified as a Gestalt psychotherapist in 2000, and further trained as an Integrative Child Psychotherapist in 2007. She has a Postgraduate Diploma in Social and Political Philosophy. Emily is an Open University associate lecturer in Psychology and Counselling, and works as a marker, examiner and academic consultant for psychotherapy trainings.

Emily has 20 years’ experience in health and social care with adults, children and families. She ended her therapy practice in 2013 to focus on writing, teaching and arts activism. She is strongly committed to accessible, inclusive education and therapy services. Her special interest is in socio-political and beyond-individual perspectives. This was the focus of her Higher Education Academy Fellow Practitioner Inquiry and is the basis of her collective writing group. Emily is author of Ours, a poetry art book on family recovery from child sexual abuse. She writes therapeutic children’s stories on this subject. Her blog ( focuses on harm, marginalization and recovery in relation to sexuality. She is currently writing an erotic lesbian novel, Cloud Kissing Gate. Emily resides in Seaford, UK.

Morgan Stebbins

Morgan Stebbins (M.Div, LMSW, D.Min, LP, Certified Jungian Analyst) is a supervising analyst, faculty member and former Director of Training at the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association in New York, where he also maintains a private practice. He teaches Religious Studies and Hermeneutics at the New York Theological Seminary in the Pastoral Care and Counseling programme and he directs the programme in Contemplative Jungian Practice at the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care, which includes contemplative Jung, Buddhism and Psychology, the history of Zen, and the psychology of the Zen sutras. He has written on symbol formation, dreams, the role of mindfulness in analysis, the meaning of compulsion, the archetypal relationship of Buddhism and psychology, and the structural parallels between the theories of Jacques Lacan and C. G. Jung. He is updating the work of C. G. Jung in the light of modern research and cultural developments including gender, relationship and language.

Jemma Tosh

Jemma Tosh is a Chartered Academic Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS). She teaches gender, sexuality, and qualitative research methods to undergraduate and postgraduate students. She is the author of Perverse Psychology: The Pathologization of Sexual Violence and Transgenderism (Routledge, 2015), and Psychology and Gender Dysphoria: Feminist and Transgender Perspectives (Routledge, 2016). Jemma is an assistant editor for the Psychology of Women Section Review (POWSR) and she is an editorial advisor for a forthcoming ‘Normalcy’ book series. She has published numerous papers, commentaries and book chapters on a wide range of topics related to gender, sexuality and psychology. She is based at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, and the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

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