RESONANCE publications are book publishers producing material within the broad label of political psychology.

As defined here, political psychology involves the intersection of any discipline or study methodology that can make a contribution to the mental health of individual, social and political organization. It is a concern with the political regarding how ‘the polis’ is shaped and impacted psychologically by individuals, groups, cultural and legal values, and scientific theories and technologies, rather than a narrower view of the political as structures of power alone. The only common denominator in our publications is that they must carry a ‘psychology’ element that contributes to ‘political’ thinking and praxis.

This allows for a diversity and wide variety of studies and monographs to be published that do not require the standardized sales or publishing house formulas of established publishers. Book proposals and manuscripts will be considered on their own merits and relevance to the interests and agendas of RESONANCE publications. We operate a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) policy with ALL our reviewers to protect any new material under submission from piracy, theft and plagiarism of research material, research data or concepts at this publishing house.

Please see the Publications page for our current titles and the Submissions page for further information about presenting your proposal(s) to us.

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